Here’s the thing about ski touring in Whistler: it’s an endless world of new lines, untracked powder, and unbelievable views. The only problem is having the right tools to unlock it. If you’ve been skiing in the Spearhead Range, you know the vastness of the area and the ability to get deeper and deeper depending on how much work you want to put in.

And that’s just one mountain range. If you’ve ever looked at a map of the Coast Mountains, you’re well aware of the unlimited potential of the area—and one of the ways to unlock that potential is with the help of a helicopter. For those who want to go deeper, we bring you Heli-Assisted Touring.

The program brings you beyond the Spearhead, and into areas not often accessed—meaning you’ll get a full experience, totally immersed in your surroundings, riding some of the most mind-blowing terrain you’ve ever seen.


Like touring off of Whistler-Blackcomb, the helicopter does a great deal of the work—meaning you get plenty of flexibility on how you’d like your day to go. You can plan your day to pack in as many laps as possible, or head up for just a few laps and get the nicest possible lunch perch. It’s all up to you, and there is a whole mountain range out there with options to choose from.

Who’s it For?

If you can ski powder, you’re in. You’ll need backcountry gear (split boards or touring ski’s with skins), along with avalanche safety gear.

At the start of the day, you’ll do a quick safety briefing, and you’ll be off with the help of one of our ACMG guides. You don’t need to be a backcountry expert to heli-tour, but you will likely learn a great deal in your first day – which isn’t such a bad thing.

The good news? The day can be catered to
your groups needs—like we said, sometimes finding the best place to eat lunch
can be the best part of the day. But don’t worry—if you’re a powder hound,
we’ll have no problem squeezing in one extra lap to satiate your need for some
Coast Mountains cold smoke.

How Does It Work?

As long as we’re operating, we aim to take to the skies. We’ve teamed up with Blackcomb Helicopters and if conditions are right, they are first to get deep into the mountains. We’ll meet at the heliport just north of Whistler, and head out for the day. The helicopter will drop you off in a place chosen by the guide with conditions and the clients skill levels in mind, always prioritizing safety first.

From there, you’ll spend the day exploring, learning, and most importantly riding the best snow that is out there. At the end of the day, you’ll get picked up by Blackcomb Helicopters and enjoy an epic flight back to the base. Straight from the mountains to apres—we’ve got you covered.

Book Away

It’s on plenty of people’s bucket list to go Heli-skiing – this gives you that opportunity, with a twist. With a helicopter ride at the start and end of the day, along with the exploratory nature and problem solving of backcountry skiing, this is truly the experience of a lifetime.

Book now as the spring is best time to get out into the mountains and push a bit deeper—and we’re the ones who can show you how.

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