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Crevasse Rescue/ Glacier Travel Course:


Glacier travel is a reality of ski touring in South Western British Columbia and can be one of the most dangerous and limiting parts of a ski or snowboarders day. Whether to develop safe travel skills for glaciated ski traverses or to reach new lines accessed via glaciated terrain.  This is an essential course designed for experienced backcountry skiers and boarders. If you intend to spend any amount of time traveling in glaciated terrain this intensive and comprehensive two day program provides the foundations of roped glacier travel and crevasse rescue.


 Rigging for glacier travel, travel techniques both up and downhill, snow anchor construction, Initial Load transfers, and self-rescue are the focus of day one. Raising systems (modern and improvised) with up to 6:1 mechanical advantage is the focus of the final day.


Price: $325 + 5% GST

Meeting: 8am @ The Cabin (if possible), otherwise on the deck

Ability Level: Advanced Skier or Snowboarder

Prerequisites: AST 1 & previous rope skills recommended but not required

Client Ratio: 6:1 (min. 3)

Gear Required: The following is in addition to the standard AST list.



  • Ropes
  • Specific crevasse rescue mechanical devices



All equipment is available for hire with advanced request from local retailers, details below


  • Climbing harness
  • Helmet (ski or climbing)
  • 1 X 1.75m x 7mm Nylon cord
  • 1 X 120mm sewn sling
  • 2 X 5m x 7mm nylon cord
  • 3 X Non-locking carabiners
  • 4 X Locking carabiners
  • 1 X Ice screw (22cm length)
  • 1 X Auto-block device (DMM Pivot, Petzl Reverso, Black Diamond ATC guide).

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